Importance of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy after Surgery or Joint Replacement

After any major surgery or joint replacement, an essential step in recovery is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation services are necessary for people who have lost the ability to function normally due to an injury, stroke, infection, tumor, surgery, joint replacement, or a progressive disorder.

Purpose of Rehabilitation Post Surgery

The purpose of rehabilitation after a surgery or joint replacement is to regain any abilities and strength that may have been lost due to the injury or surgery. Specific rehabilitation goals  vary for each person, depending on what kind of surgery was performed.
In the case of an athlete, for example, post-surgery rehabilitation requires the restoration of strength, power, speed, agility and endurance to return to their required levels, based on their sport and level of competition. This goal for the recovering athlete is to return to their sport through sport-specific rehabilitation.

For most patients, physical therapy will play a vital role in the restoration of sensory and motor abilities.

Physical Benefits of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Enhances flexibility

Inactive muscles easily become weakened and stiff, which makes them susceptible to further injury. Stretching exercises supplied by physical therapists are one of the first activities introduced post-surgery, and they are designed to promote blood circulation and loosen tight muscles.

Alleviates pain and swelling

Exercises and movements completed during physical therapy help to reduce swelling and pain in the affected joints and muscles, which promotes healing and increases mobility.

Reduces scar tissue formation

Scar tissue often forms in the aftermath of an injury or surgery, which can reduce function and mobility for months after a procedure. Physical therapists supply a number of tissue mobilization techniques, such as massages and ultrasound therapy, which can help reduce scar tissue and return patients to normal flexibility.

Improves strength, mobility, and balance

Physical therapy provides strengthening exercises that increase stability, improves balance and allows patients to regain their mobility.

Corrects your gait and posture problems

Lower extremity surgeries and joint replacements can significantly impact your posture and walking gait. Completing physical therapy is an important step to improve posture and walk comfortably following these surgeries.

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