The Steadman Clinic has some of the best trained and most experienced physicians in the field of sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery. They are experts at diagnosing and treating orthopaedic and sports medicine problems. In addition, the clinic's treatment techniques are on the leading edge, utilizing progressive programs designed to achieve optimal results with physician, patient and therapist working as a team toward the goal of full recovery.

When surgery is necessary to correct an orthopaedic disorder or injury, our clinics have state-of the-art operating suites standing nearby. Equipped with the most advanced instrumentation and equipment, these operating rooms are staffed by a highly trained group of nurses who assist the physicians during surgery, and monitor patients in the recovery room. If surgery is recommended, the operative plan and the recovery process are thoroughly explained to the patient by the physician.

The physicians at The Steadman Clinic believe that physical rehabilitation is an integral part of successful recovery, whether it is used as the primary treatment for a disorder, or follows a surgical procedure to enhance the healing process. With this in mind, physical therapists and physicians design individual exercise programs for each patient, so that optimum recovery is achieved as soon as possible.