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Othropaedic Surgery - Intro

The Steadman Clinic's surgeons specialize in a wide variety of orthopaedic specialties. The athletic trainers gain unique experience with surgeons in all aspects of surgery. The athletic trainers help coordinate the patients pre-surgical planning in clinic, are able to observe the surgical procedure and then they help with the post-operative treatment plan and follow up care. During the year they are also able to learn how to assist in the operating room.

Surgery Observation

Athletic trainers are introduced into the operating room the first week of the program. Here they are taught the basics of sterile field and policies of the facilities. Surgical observation is built into the academic schedule and athletic trainers are encouraged to log hours in the OR for a variety of cases. During surgical observation athletic trainers learn: roles of the different healthcare professionals, surgical tools and instruments, sterile fields and techniques, surgical anatomy, arthroscopy viewing, surgical techniques, exams under anesthesia, and post-operative care.

Surgical Assisting

After observation hours in the operating room the athletic training resident may be given the opportunity to assist in the OR with our surgeons. Per our facilities regulations, all ATs that assist in the OR must have their Colorado Surgical Assistant Registration and be approved by the facilities to act as a surgical assist. Athletic training residents apply for the surgical assist registration before employment starts at The Steadman Clinic.

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