Durable Medical Equipment now at The Steadman Clinic

DME can now be purchased, fitted to specifications in-house at TSC
VAIL, Colo. – (July 11, 2017) - The Steadman Clinic prides itself on being a full-service, patient oriented business, focused on helping people recover from musculoskeletal injuries in a quick and efficient manner allowing patients to return to their active way of life in a timely fashion.
The recent addition of The Durable Medical Equipment service – DME – being available to patients directly from The Steadman Clinic is the latest effort to help enhance and broaden the scope in which the Clinic serves its patients.
“DME is any equipment that provides therapeutic benefits to a patient in need because of certain medical conditions or illnesses,” says Nick Eaton, DME Manager at The Steadman Clinic. “In the past, we have utilized third-party vendors to produce and sell the DME products – whether its braces, crutches, boots, etc. – but have always felt that we should have more influence into what our patients are actually using in their recovery from injuries.”
“By bringing DME in house, we can recommend products that pertain to each provider’s protocol on a patient-specific basis,” says Eaton.  “We want the doctors to know that they’re prescribing the best possible product for that individual patient and that the patient is fully educated on how to use the equipment they are purchasing.”
There are two types of customers that are generally in need of DME products. The most common is the surgical patient that needs some assistance and protection both before the procedure and post-operatively during the rehabilitation process. The others are the people that may need a brace enabling them to have the mobility for normal activity in their lifestyle and help to prevent further injury.
Kelly Adair, Chief Operating Officer of The Steadman Clinic and Steadman Philippon Research Institute, notes how the addition of the internal DME department strengthens the Clinic’s operations.
“Several of our physicians at The Steadman Clinic and the Steadman Philippon Research Institute are directly involved in the research behind many of these DME products,” says Adair. “It made sense for us to bring this in house and allow our physicians more influence over the types of products that our patients are using.
“Ever since The Steadman Clinic was established several decades ago, our purpose and goal has been to help the patients recover faster and more efficiently and get back to their normal and active lifestyles. By having DME experts as well as the stock in house, we are providing all the assistance the patients need without having to even contact a third-party vendor. In addition, our doctors are right there to make certain that the equipment is what they have ordered and that our staff members are fitting it as prescribed on the patient.”
The benefits go beyond just the convenience of having DME in house.
“We can now easily provide products that are consistent with our research focus on evidence-based medicine,” adds Adair. “One method is utilizing our BioMotion Lab to do the research behind how effective the braces are in not only rehabbing surgically repaired joints but also in preventing potential further injuries to the knees, ankles, hips and shoulders.
“We know that we can always find better ways to serve our patients and accomplish our mission. This step with DME takes us to yet a higher level.”
Lynda Sampson
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