Steadman Hawkins Changes Name to The Steadman Clinic

Founded in 1990, the Steadman Hawkins Clinic is now The Steadman Clinic. And the clinic's research arm, the Steadman Hawkins Research Foundation, has become the Steadman Philippon Research Institute.

The clinic has continued its work in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic injuries and disorders. The research institute will carry forward its history of investigating the causes, prevention and treatment of orthopedic disorders, the clinic said in a statement Friday.

"We want to emphasize the fact that we now treat all areas in orthopedics, not just knees and shoulders," Dr. Richard Steadman said. "In addition, when Dr. Hawkins relocated to South Carolina in 2004, our paths naturally diverged, and it is appropriate for Vail to now choose the brand 'The Steadman Clinic.'"

Steadman, a knee surgeon, established the Steadman Sports Medicine Foundation in 1988, seeing a need to prove theories about surgery, healing, and the rehabilitation of knee injuries and disorders. The Institute's focus has widened to include all areas of orthopedics. The organization has established one of the largest knee, shoulder, and hip databases in the world, and has published over 150 articles and research papers in peer reviewed journals.

"Everyone can relate to Dr. Steadman's original vision of keeping people active, and this mission has attracted accomplished board members, scientists, researchers and business people who have taken a personal interest in the success of the Steadman Philippon Research Institute," added J. Michael Egan, president and CEO of the research institute.

Steadman invented the microfracture procedure in the early 1980s, and today this technique - a combination of surgery and specific rehabilitation - is widely used throughout the world. A great many of the best athletes in the world, from the U.S. Ski Team to players from every team in the NFL and most major league baseball and soccer teams have been treated by Steadman.

Steadman Clinic hip expert and managing partner Dr. Marc J. Philippon joins the marquee of the Steadman Philippon Research Institute.

"Marc Philippon has earned a well-deserved international reputation for his work in the treatment of sports-related hip injuries," Steadman said. "He has treated numerous Olympic and professional athletes, returning them to full competition. Some of these athletes have gone on to break records in their sports following recovery from hip surgery. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Philippon in Vail."

Philippon created a hip fellowship program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in 2001. After joining the Vail clinic, he integrated his fellowship program into the institute's existing sports medicine fellowship. Since then, Philippon developed a novel reconstructive technique to treat athletes with deficient labrums. This procedure has allowed professional athletes to return to their sports and its use has been expanded to include other patients.

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