The Steadman Clinic Concierge Team is a Unique Complement to Patient Care

Concierge Team Provides Personalized Assistance to Patients and Families, Striving to Match the World-Class Care Given by the Clinic’s Renowned Surgeons and Physicians

VAIL, Colo. – The Steadman Clinic, long known for its world-class orthopaedic surgeons and physicians, is fast becoming known for world-class customer service as well. A new concierge team was established last year to make sure patients are taken care of outside of the exam room as well as they are in the clinical setting.

Kate Allan heads up a team of four concierge experts at both the Vail and Frisco Steadman Clinic locations. Their mission is to help ease the logistical stress of the Clinic’s patients and their families during their time in Vail, Frisco and Edwards.

"We want to make sure that every patient’s experience is up to par with the world-class physicians and surgeons that we have here at The Steadman Clinic,” said Allan. “We just want everyone—our local patients and those visiting from out-of-town—to come here and feel like this is more than just a doctor’s visit. This is more than just a clinic. We want them to know that they have friends here who want them to feel welcome at all times, no matter if it is just for an hour or two for a doctor’s visit or for several days or weeks following surgery."

After years of outsourcing quality concierge assistance, The Steadman Clinic committed to starting its own in-house department in 2018 in an effort to provide even more one-on-one care and assistance to its patients, many of whom travel from great distances to see the orthopaedic staff.

The Steadman Clinic did not have to look far to find an experienced leader for its new concierge team, as Allan was right next door at Four Seasons Resort Vail, in her fifth-year leading guest relations. Allan was charged with the task of bringing that same high level of customer service to The Steadman Clinic’s patients and their family members.

"Our goal is to elevate the level of patient experience, beginning with little touches like greeting them warmly in the reception area and dressing up our lobby and waiting areas to make it a warmer, friendlier and more comfortable environment," said Allan.

The efforts of the concierge team not only help our patients, but also the surgical and clinical staff at Steadman. Dan Drawbaugh, CEO of The Steadman Clinic, sees this as one of the top benefits of this unique in-house concierge service.

"The concierge team represents our commitment to providing an elite patient experience from start to finish," said Drawbaugh. "The support of Kate and her team enables the clinical team to be focused completely on a patient’s surgical or rehab needs. At the same time, the concierge staff can focus on answering non-medical questions and assisting with the patients’ accommodations and logistical needs during their time here.

"It’s an approach that sets us apart from most other healthcare organizations and helps us deliver on our promise of providing both the best possible clinical care and the best possible customer service."

Although many patients coming to The Steadman Clinic have planned their visits in advance, some patients are not afforded the opportunity to plan ahead. They visit the clinic as surgical patients following falls or incidents during a skiing vacation at one of the nearby world-class resorts. Instead of finishing their weekend getaway on the slopes, they find themselves prepping for surgery at Steadman. Assisting these patients with all of their last-minute needs is where the Steadman concierge team really shines.

"Patients with unanticipated stays at our clinic face not only the physical pain and discomfort of their injuries and rehab from surgery," said Allan, "but also an enormous amount of stress with all of the logistics they must face. Their families have so many unexpected needs—from housing near the clinic and hospital to help rearranging travel, access to a computer, shopping for clothing and other basic needs.

"We know our area well and can help these folks better navigate the logistical challenges they are suddenly facing,” continued Allan. “We want to alleviate as much of their stress as we possibly can."

For those who find themselves with lengthy stays while the patient recovers and begins rehabilitation from surgery, the concierge team puts its vast knowledge of the Vail Valley to use.

"We have helped our patients with different activity ideas, with dining suggestions and with making reservations," said Allan. "We help them maximize their time and find ways to enjoy their stay in Vail and the surrounding area, even in these stressful situations. Whether they need special accommodations for wheelchairs or for young children, we know the area and can guide them to places that best suit their needs."

For further information on the concierge service or other inquiries about The Steadman Clinic or Steadman Philippon Research Institute, contact Lynda Sampson, Vice President of External Affairs (

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