Vail International Complex Knee Symposium IV

The Steadman Philippon Research Institute and Smith & Nephew Hosted
Vail International Complex Knee Symposium IV June 22-24
Three-day Event at Vail Marriott Mountain Resort and SPRI Focused on Anatomic-based Reconstructions and other Complex Knee Issues
VAIL, Colo. – (July 05,2017) - The Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) and Smith & Nephew joined together to present the 2017 Vail International Complex Knee Symposium (VICKS), a three-day event that took place June 22 - 24 at the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort and the SPRI headquarters in Vail.
This annual conference, now in its fourth year, is considered one of the most unique events of its kind around the globe.
"We have enjoyed tremendous success with our first four VICKS events and have already reserved the hotel and dates for our fifth symposium next year," said Dr. Robert LaPrade, MD, PhD., and Chief Medical Officer at SPRI and Orthopaedic Complex Knee and Sports Medicine Surgeon at The Steadman Clinic. "Once again, we had representatives from six continents and faculty members from throughout the world attending and participating in our symposium.
"We are focused on anatomic-based reconstruction of the knee," said LaPrade, "with the goal of always putting a repaired knee back to the way it was intended to be. We have always utilized research that enables us to highlight and showcase the very latest and newest methods of surgery."
LaPrade emphasizes the importance that feedback from previous attendees helped in designing the agenda and goals for the fourth version of VICKS.
"We have received some great feedback after each symposium that tell us just how much we have been able to help other surgeons and physicians deal with their patients on a daily basis," said LaPrade. "We value the opportunity to give surgeons attending our symposium the chance to get hands-on experience."
LaPrade is pleased that they held 23 live surgical demonstrations this year, giving more surgeons the opportunity to learn by both witnessing live demonstrations and participating in learning sessions as well.
"Every surgeon that attended had the chance to spend three hours in the SPRI labs, learning new and improved surgical techniques and implementing them on the cadavers," said LaPrade. "So, we not only give them lectures on the new methods of surgery, but we also provide live demonstrations and then offer them a chance to use the new techniques in our labs."
Together with Smith & Nephew, SPRI put together a group of speakers and presenters that are at the forefront of research and surgery in complex knee issues.
"Our roster contains some of the finest sports medicine knee specialists in the world. SPRI and Smith & Nephew continue to bring some of the brightest minds in the field to this conference every year," said LaPrade. "Together, we strive to make a significant impact in improving the treatment and rehabilitation of knee injuries."
"We are very proud of our involvement in VICKS," said Scott Schaffner, Sr. Vice President of Global Marketing for Smith & Nephew Sports Medicine. "Supporting health care professionals through medical education is such an important part of what we do as a company. We recognize that VICKS represents a very unique educational forum, and we greatly appreciate our ongoing partnership with SPRI in the annual presentation of this outstanding event."
As a symposium host, LaPrade feels a sense of pride shared by many of his Steadman Clinic and SPRI colleagues.
"Almost every topic we presented over the three days at VICKS is something that we have researched, developed and utilized right here at SPRI and The Steadman Clinic," said LaPrade. "It really strikes home that the lessons we are sharing globally through VICKS help to pull together our main mission here at Steadman. We strive to help people recover fully and quickly and return to their normal activity as soon as possible."
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