The Steadman Clinic and SPRI Welcome New Class of Fellows

Six recent residency graduates are welcomed, six Fellows move on to new opportunities in medicine
The Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) and The Steadman Clinic are known for their groundbreaking research and innovative methods of diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating orthopaedic patients. While advanced treatment methods and scientific breakthroughs are significant, it remains the people – doctors, scientists, therapists and researchers – that continue to drive the mission and purpose of SPRI and The Steadman Clinic.
This summer SPRI and The Steadman Clinic welcomed six new MDs as Fellows who began their work assisting some of the world's finest orthopaedic surgeons and researchers in the Vail laboratories and clinics.
At the same time, SPRI and The Steadman Clinic proudly said goodbye to their graduating class of six other Fellows who moved on to continue pursuing their professional goals of furthering advancement in their medical specialties.
"At SPRI and The Steadman Clinic, we are so fortunate to attract some of the finest young medical practitioners and surgeons in the country," said Dr. Marc Philippon, co-chair of SPRI and managing partner of The Steadman Clinic. "Each year we get the opportunity to have these young physicians and scientists come to Vail and assist us with our research and help us find new and more effective ways to treat people suffering from a variety of joint injuries and other related medical issues.
"What is even more satisfying to our staff here in Vail," continued Philippon, "is that we are then able to place these fine doctors in positions at some of the top hospitals, clinics and universities around the country."
Dr. Salvatore Frangiamore and Dr. Sandeep Manava are two members of the 2016-17 class of Fellows and both young doctors are tremendously impressed with their experiences at SPRI and The Steadman Clinic so far.
"The Fellowship program has been everything that we were promised it would be," said Frangiamore, who came to Vail from The Cleveland Clinic. "We knew that the program was designed to help us hone our skills in sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery but it also gives us the rare opportunity to work with some of the world's leaders in those fields. Not only are we working with the finest surgeons and researchers, but we are doing so in an environment that greatly challenges us due to the complexity of some of the cases that we are working."
"One of the big attractions to me about this Fellowship program was the research opportunity," said Manava, who came to Steadman from Wake Forest University. "We get the chance to work with world-class physicians who treat a variety of sports-related injuries. After we observe and give initial treatment to the injury, we then have the ability to come back to our laboratory and utilize the finest and most cutting-edge technology available to find solutions for those injuries.
"I've always viewed myself as not just a surgeon," added Manava, "but actually more of a scientist. The experiences here at The Steadman Clinic and SPRI have only strengthened my convictions."
"I had high expectations before I even started the program several months ago," said Frangiamore. "I immediately became aware that the training and knowledge gleaned from these world-class doctors would far exceed those lofty expectations. The mentorship is top notch. The dedication that the staff devotes to our development is clearly indicative of the incredible reputation that The Steadman Clinic and SPRI have built in the medical field."
"There is unparalleled leadership here," added Manava. "And it shows not just in the operating rooms and the laboratories but also in the manner with which all the doctors and staff members interact with the patients, the patients' families and the people of our community."
This year's incoming fellows, all recent medical residency graduates, came to Vail from some of the top residency programs in the medical field. The recent additions, along with Frangiamore and Manava, are: Jon Godin, MBA, Duke University; Patrick Kane, MD, Thomas Jefferson University; Andrew Geeslin, MD, Western Michigan University and Geof Lebus, MD, Vanderbilt University.
Sports medicine clinics and medical groups in Tacoma, Wash., Rapid City, S.D., La Crosse, Wis., Boulder, Colo., and Los Angeles represent the new professional homes of some of the outgoing class of SPRI and TSC Fellows. One member of the class also joined the faculty as an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.
Frangiamore already has accepted a position upon his completion of the Fellowship program and Manava has narrowed his potential next job to just a few candidates. Both credit the experience at Steadman for helping make their placement process simpler and more enjoyable.
"The Steadman name alone really boosted my ability to sell myself," said Frangiamore.  "It's more than just the reputation. It is also a testament to the dedication the staff has for helping those of us in the Fellowship program move on to new challenges in our medical careers."
"I am eagerly looking forward to my next stop," said Manava, "because I know that I will be able to effectively utilize what I have learned here in Vail and continue to represent The Steadman Clinic and SPRI. Steadman's reputation is among the best in the field and I will be honored to carry it forward when I conclude the Fellowship program."
"Being able to help train the leaders in orthopaedic sports medicine is just one of the many great attributes of SPRI and The Steadman Clinic," said Dan Drawbaugh, CEO of SPRI and The Steadman Clinic. "We are honored that the youngest and brightest minds in the field seek to further their education and professional training with us in Vail. Their contributions are significant in our research endeavors.
"We wish our outgoing Fellows the best of luck in their professional careers and always look forward to continuing our work with our new class of physicians."

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